Frank DeMaria, Kung Fu “Grandmaster,” Taught Kids The Art Of Penis Pulling. Now He’s Going To Prison


Frank DeMaria, 67, is a kung fu “grandmaster” who taught children the finer points of the martial arts. One of his lessons, unfortunately, involved having prepubescent girls “pull” on his penis — which is why he’ll be spending the next several years as a guest of the state.

DeMaria was sentenced today to seven years in prison after he was found guilty in February on charges of sexual abuse, sexual conduct with children and endangering children after four girls — ages 6-11 — told authorities that DeMaria would have them pull and grab his penis during kung fu lessons.

The penis pulling tutorials, authorities say, went on from 2009-2011 at the American Center of Chinese Studies in Croton-on-Hudson in Westchester County, where DeMaria was an instructor.

DeMaria, a retired Westchester County police officer, testified in court
that he would teach students to kick and slap an attacker’s penis in a
move called the “tiger claw.” He claims, however, that he never had them
pull on his penis.

We don’t claim to be martial arts experts, but we know someone who is. He says
penis pulling in kung fu does actually occur (rarely), but says it’s
something that an instructor would demonstrate on himself (if at all) — and it
would never be taught to children. Our expert goes further to say that
while penis pulling does have a place in kung fu as a self-defense tool,
it’s not a move he’s ever seen anyone teach — again, especially not to
children. DeMaria, it seems, was just using the penis pull move to perv out on little girls.

DeMaria — and his lessons in penis pulling — was brought to the attention of law enforcement after adult students reported that he was “gyrating” during a lesson with young girls.

The seven-year prison sentence is the maximum sentence DeMaria could have received. Calls to his attorney, Andrew Quinn, were not immediately returned this afternoon.