Men In Black 3: See the Movie, Buy the Donut


The pastry presents a luscious evening skyscape.

Though the — eagerly anticipated? — Men In Black 3 doesn’t open till tomorrow, Death-Star fast-food empire Dunkin’ Donuts has already trundled out its gastro tie-ins: a cup of branded iced coffee and a star-shaped donut.

The plucky little robot R2-D2 seems to be turning his back on the signage — and the movie.

Not only is the donut ($1 locally) in the shape of a star, it also has star-shaped sprinkles on top, scattered like the Milky Way across a black dark brown sky.

The signage (and the hype) is careful not to mention the word “chocolate,” ’cause there’s nary a bit to be found. Instead we have “dark cocoa,” which lends a Darth Vader-ish cast to the whole proceedings.

The donut also has what looks like a sphincter on the side, presumably the point of entry for the “black cocoa” frosting, which leaves a slight bitter taste in the mouth.

Really, the donut isn’t bad, and it will cost you a lot less than the film.