New Jersey Woman Suing 13-Year-Old For Accidentally Hitting Her With Ball During Little League Game


As any legal expert will tell you, anyone can sue anyone else for anything whenever they want — regardless of how frivolous, idiotic, or sleazy the lawsuit may be. Case in point: a New Jersey woman who is suing a 13-year-old kid for $150,000 for accidentally hitting her with a baseball during a Little League game.

At the time of the incident, the boy was only 11.

The lawsuit is bullshit for a number of reasons. For starters, the kid was 11 years old at the time of the incident. Not to mention, as a legal expert explained to the Voice last night, she has to prove that the boy intended to hit her with the ball, which he didn’t — again, he was 11. There’s also a little something called assumption of risk, which means that when she went to the Little League game, she assumed the possibility that there was a reasonable chance she could get hurt. Not to mention the kid was only 11 years old!

In any event, here’s how it went down…

As first reported by the Asbury Park Press, Elizabeth Lloyd attended a Manchester Little League game in 2010. During the game, a bullpen catcher threw the ball back to the pitcher as the two were warming up. The ball never made it to the pitcher; it sailed over his

head and hit Lloyd — who was sitting at a picnic table — in the face.

An errant throw could happen at any baseball game — especially when the person throwing the ball is 11.

Lloyd, however, now claims (two years later, mind you) that the boy, Matthew Miggliacio, intentionally threw the ball off line and intended on hitting her in the face, causing “severe, painful and permanent injuries.”

Lloyd and her attorneys have classified the accident as assault and battery.

Just to be a complete money grubbing shit-bag, Lloyd’s husband also has filed a lawsuit against the boy, claiming that the injury to his wife’s face has caused him the pain of losing the “services, society and consortium” of his wife.

In addition to the $150,000 Lloyd apparently thinks she deserves from the boy, she’s also seeking an unspecified amount for “pain and suffering.”

The lawsuit, as we mentioned, is complete bullshit — but Migliaccio still has to pony up the cash to pay for attorneys to defend himself against this jerk.

“I just think that it’s disgusting that you have people suing an 11-year-old kid for overthrowing his pitcher in the bullpen,” Anthony Pagano, who is representing the Migliaccio family, told the Associated Press. “It’s horrible this can actually happen and get this far. Ultimately, hopefully, justice will prevail.”