Worst Parties Of All Time: LaToya And The Snakes


One of the worst bashes in my very vivid memory bank was the 1991 party for model Kim Charlton Hunter at a downtown indoor/outdoor space called Amazon Village.

I had no idea who Hunter was–and I still don’t–but I did memorably spot LaToya Jackson there, holding the snake she regularly dragged to events for extra publicity.

No, not her then-husband Jack Gordon (though he was there, too).

I mean Adam, her pet reptile, which another column later reported was actually a drugged rent-a-pet. (LaToya roundly denied that item.)

The highly visible Donald Trump and Marla Maples were also in attendance, and when they avoided saying hello to LaToya, the singer told me that was because Trump has a phobia about snakes (though I guess Marla had no such fear, ba dum pum.)

The low-level tension in the air–at a party for a model I never heard of–held a morbid fascination, but basically made me want to shower as soon as possible.

The whole multi-species mess came to a head when Jack Gordon stopped LaToya from posing with adult cable host Robin Byrd because it would be bad for her image!

Can you imagine?

There are so many jokes one could insert here, but let me just remind you that LaToya had shown lots of her “talent” in Playboy only a year earlier.

Anyway, I rapidly snaked my way home on my bike and headed for the shower.

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