The Good, the Bad and the Bromance: Clint Eastwood Endorses Mitt Romney


This is the best Presidential endorsement by a famous old guy since Jon Voight (who now supports Romney as well) told reporters in 2008 that Rudy Giuliani’s “commitment to keeping our military strong and his track record of transforming New Yorkers makes him the right man at the right time for our country.” That backing went a long way.

At a campaign event in Idaho that raised about $2 million for the Romney treasure chest yesterday, Mr. Clint Eastwood told the Associated Press that he was behind the Romney campaign 100%, mentioning to reporters that he thinks “the country needs a boost.”
This endorsement goes against Eastwood’s statements in February, when Fox News hounded him for seeming pro-Obama in that Super Bowl ad (‘Halftime in America’) for the recovering Chrysler. Eastwood told the news organization that he was not affiliated with any politician at the time; he just really liked job growth – an idea that he said everyone can agree to.
Well that didn’t last too long, it seems. During his speech for Romney, Eastwood told the audiences that the first time he had heard of the Bain man was when he was filming Mystic River in Boston, Massachusetts. The movie’s production paralleled Romney’s governor run and, at first, the Western cowboy was more surprised by Mitt’s charm than his actual politics (which, as we know, were very different at the time).
“I said, God, this guy is too handsome to be governor. But it does look like he could be President,” he quipped.
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The Gran Torino star is positive that Romney will restore justice to the income charts of America: he stated that the Presidential candidate will bring back a “decent tax system that we need badly… so that there’s a fairness and people are not pitted against one another as who’s paying taxes and who isn’t.”

With this endorsement, Eastwood joins a high-profile class of (in)famous Romney supporters, including Kid Rock, Jenna Jameson and, as we mentioned before, Mr. Jon Voight.
And how does Mitt feel about Clint?
“He just made my day. What a guy.”
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