Why Some NYC Restaurants Don’t Have Letter Grades


Why are some NYC restaurants like Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare and the restaurants in Eataly exempt from posting letter grades on their windows? Because they’re registered as grocery stores or wholesalers.

According to The New York Times, Chef’s Table doesn’t have to display a letter grade on its window because the restaurant is located in a market that earns 51 percent of its revenues from grocery sales.

It is under the jurisdiction of the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets — not the New York City Department of Health.

Although Chef’s Table is a highly reputable restaurant, the Daily News reports that this is a method that restaurants take advantage of to escape from the city inspection — even if they only sell a few products to local groceries or are attached to big supermarkets.

The Health Department banked $42.3 million in fines last year — often after repeat visits to individual restaurants. According to the Daily News, that’s up from about $32 million in fines in 2010.

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