Bacon Shortage Expected Next Year: Sorry, Brunch Just Got A Lot Less Fun


Wake up and smell the bacon, because you might not be able to get your hands on the stuff as often anymore. The National Pig Association reports that there will be a world shortage of pork next year due to drought conditions that decimated the corn and soybean crop.

According to their release:

New data shows the European Union pig herd is declining at a significant rate, and this is a trend that is being mirrored around the world. Pig farmers have been plunged into loss by high pig-feed costs, caused by the global failure of maize and soya harvests.

The reason for this shortage? Price of feed is going up. Around the world, pig farmers are selling their herds because they can no longer afford to feed their pigs. In the United States, the government has introduced a pork-buying program in a bid to keep its pig farmers in business. In China, they’re putting pork into cold storage as a buffer against shortages and high prices.


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