4-Foot-5 Dwarf Basketball Player Challenges Terrell Owens to a Game of One on One, and We All Know What Happens Next


This week, we published a story about New York’s own Jahmani Swanson, who is widely known as the Michael Jordan of Dwarves. Swanson has gotten a lot of attention after a highlight tape of his exploits in Los Angeles’ summer Venice Basketball League was uploaded to YouTube a month ago and went viral, already garnering almost two million hits.

Swanson was at a gym in LA last week when he saw future football Hall of Famer Terrell Owens working out. Swanson, who grew up playing basketball in New York, challenged the wide receiver to a game of one on one. (There was a lot of shit talking, and then Swanson randomly jumped over a bench.) Owens, two feet taller and over twice as heavy as Swanson, did what anyone challenged by a dwarf to a game of basketball would do: he accepted.

The outcome, we think, is worth a gander.