For Sandy Donations, MTA’s Resurrected H Train Is Now a Clothing Line, Too


A few weeks back, we reported on the reintroduction of the H line by the MTA to help out displaced students in the Rockaways. Closed since 1994, the old blue train runs along the Broad Channel, transporting commuters to a bus nearby that would then take them to the A. The video of workers literally building the H back up like Legos is the best visual evidence of what the work entailed.

Now, the New York Transit Museum is taking the recovery efforts a bit further. According to the Daily News, the H line will now get its own clothing line to further donations. Labeled the “Rockaway Collection” and just in time for the holiday season (that is the first and last time I will ever type that phrase out, I swear), displaced residents will now be able to buy sweaters, tees, pins, and flashy magnets that showcase a line that is literally retro. 
Take that, irony haters!

The designs are basic: the clothing bares the blue “H,” captioned with “The Rockaways.” For shoppers (like myself) who love nothing more than knocking out two birds with one gift certificate, the program is perfect. You’re getting an old-school shirt and for a great cause: All the proceeds will go to a nonprofit, Rockaways-centered group known as the Graybeards.

Get shopping.