Tomorrow: Our 10 Best Restaurants Near Barclays Center, Brooklyn, 2012


You’re about to ascend the stairs from the subway to the new Barclays Center, where you’ll attend a show you’ve been anticipating for some time. But you’ve left yourself time to eat first. Where can you get a great meal, either sitting down or on the fly, within easy walking distance of the venue?

Yes, inside the stadium there are plenty of food options — some locavoric — including Fatty ‘Cue, Calexico, and L & B Spumoni Gardens, but you know that eating standing up in a crowd, and possibly queuing up for long lines at the most popular places is a cheerless endeavor.

So please join us bright and early tomorrow morning as we point out 10 places near the Barclays Center to eat before (and sometimes after) an event.

The Barclays Center looms into view.

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