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Texas AG Greg Abbott Wants You Gun-Owning, Freedom-Loving New Yorkers to Move to Texas


Yesterday, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott bought space for two separate ads running in Manhattan and Albany urging New York gun owners to relocate to Texas. This came after New York lawmakers, led by Governor Andrew Cuomo, passed the New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms (SAFE) Act. Signed on Tuesday, the NY SAFE Act represented the first significant gun control measures to be put in place since the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Newtown, Connecticut a little over a month ago.


He’s lying, of course. Texas doesn’t want you. Odds are that if you’re a gun-toting, red-blooded New Yorker, you might believe that gays and women are people, too, and that doesn’t fly. Still, “Two Dick” Abbott* is slated to run for governor in Texas next year if the legendary Rick Perry decides against a fourth term. This ad campaign, if nothing else, shows the man’s got some sand, some cheekiness, some cajones. And if that ain’t vital in a gubernatorial race, we don’t know what is.

When the Voice called Abbott’s office, no one in his staff was available for comment, though Eric Bearse, Abbott’s spokesman, spoke to the Daily Beast.

“The ad is inviting New Yorkers to come to Texas because we believe that the Constitution is sacred, and there to protect Americans from whimsical and knee jerk reactions by political leaders,” he said. “And obviously citizens of New York are facing the prospect of further restrictions on the ownership of firearms.”

One could argue that in his effort to play a well-endowed Monday morning quarterback, Abbott is brushing over the fact that 20 first graders were shot dead with perfectly legal firearms just a short drive from New York City, and that was a bad thing and shouldn’t happen ever, ever again, and that it’s prudent to take legal action to attempt to ensure that it doesn’t. So we will. Still, the ads are inarguably great. And if you’re still on the fence about moving, as Abbott was sure to point out, there’s no income tax in Texas.

*”Two Dick” Abbott is not his real nickname. It’s Greg.


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