Democrats Worried About Other Democrats With Bloomberg’s $12M Ad Blitz


Yesterday, we reported on Mayor Bloomberg’s announcement to spend $12 million on a campaign set forth by the Mayors Against Illegal Guns to counter the NRA in battleground states. The move is the largest yet from Hizzoner to translate ideology into action on the topic of gun control and, in effect, will provide enough monetary fodder to keep up with the notorious Second Amendment group.

But this is probably the last reaction the mayor expected to see.

According to the Daily News, the blue side is up in arms over the ad blitz. As mentioned before, the commercials will air in states where senators are on the fence about the major gun control bill slithering through Congress. However, many of these targeted senators are Democrats. And not all of these Democrats (political lexicon: Blue Dogs) hail from regions that are fully on board with such a measure.

As much as we want to deny it, the midterm elections are next year. The Democrats will, once again, have to try their hardest to retain control of the Senate from the grasp of the Republicans. A vote for gun control could provide a fatal blow to some of these necessary elections. In other words, the Democrats are scared that the Mayor Bloomberg is threatening re-electability in the big picture.

Who knew Washington could be frightened by the mayor’s wealth, too?