Is Andy Samberg Trying to Be Hipster Cop in This New Fox Show? (Update)


Remember your meme? It was fall of 2011, when computer screens were bright with speculation about a well-dressed cop with Lower Manhattan’s First Precinct who kept showing to Occupy-related events. The image of the “hipster cop,” or real-life Detective Rick Lee, became loved, then sort of hated, then largely disappeared into the ether as the original news peg died.

Then we saw this, the trailer for “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” a Fox show starring Andy Samberg and airing this fall. In it, Samberg plays a manchild/cop in the NYPD’s fictional 99th precinct (somewhere in Brooklyn) who gets ribbed by his colleagues for his casual attire.

“The next time I see you I’d like you to be wearing a necktie,” Samberg’s new captain, played by Andre Braugher, tells Samberg’s character in the spot. Samberg’s inability to dress like a staid public official then appears to be a recurring bit. Get it? Huh? He’s a cop who dresses like a not-cop! It’s a kneeslapper.

We decided to call up Detective Rick Lee IRL to see if he had any insight into Samberg’s character. “Never heard of it, never saw it,” he said. Neither Fox nor Samberg’s publicist responded for comment.

Update, 5/15: After sending Detective Lee the trailer for the show, he sent us back an email with his thoughts on the resemblance. “Samberg’s character kind of looks like me. However, I think he needs a hip pair of glasses and a skinny tie to complete the look (wink, wink),” he wrote. “I’m curious if I was the motivation for Fox’s take on the character. I think that would be very funny if it was. ”

What do you guys think?