All Seven Hours of 4Knots Music Festival Condensed to Four Minutes (VIDEO)


One-day concert festivals are great for lots of reasons–it’s just the right amount of bands performing with set times that don’t completely overlap, the weather only gets one chance to fuck things up, and it’s a lot less likely you’ll wake up afterwards wondering how you’re still alive now that your blood is made of beer. In my case, the best perk of a one-day festival is only hearing people exclaim “OH MY GOD IS THAT A CAMERA ON YOUR HEAD?” for seven hours instead of 24. But I can’t lie–walking (and running and crawling and falling…) around 4Knots with a GoPro was pretty damn fun. If you couldn’t make it down to the Seaport Saturday, just watch the video I made below! The soundtrack is Kurt Vile and the Violators’ “Freak Train.”

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