Reader: Are There Hawaiian Restaurants in the City Other Than Onomea?


Yesterday, Billy Lyons spilled details on new Williamsburg Hawaiian joint Onomea, where the Spam fried rice and loco moco burger were particularly enticing to him. And when he spoke with the owner about why she was inspired to open up shop, she told him that she was hoping to give Hawaiian expats like herself a little taste of home, something incredibly hard to come by in New York City.

But at least one reader doesn’t agree.

Says Jerry E. Chipuk:

Hello?? What about Makana on 1st Avenue!

Makana has two outposts–one on First Avenue in Harlem, the other on 106th Street between Columbus and Amsterdam. The self-dubbed Hawaiian and Japanese BBQ deals mostly in sushi rolls and bento boxes–but it definitely has a loco moco burger on the menu (though the only evidence of spam we see is in a roll sampler).

Know of other spots in the city that do Hawaiian food right? Let us know in the comments.