Wealthy Trader Nelson Saiers Will Pledge $100,000 to Charity if Banksy Does a Hurricane Sandy Piece


One wealthy man has decided to capitalize on Banksy’s exposure to bring attention to the coming anniversary of Sandy. Hedge fund manager Nelson Saiers has offered to donate $100,000 a charity support recovery efforts if Banksy uses part of his New York residency to create hurricane-related pieces. In a letter on Saiers’ website, Hey Banksy, Saiers asks the artist to raise awareness with his art. But there’s a catch: Banksy must not break the law and “respect property rights.” We’re not sure if Mr. Saiers is familiar with graffiti, but breaking the law and disrespecting property rights are kind of the first steps of tagging.

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The letter in full:

Hey Banksy,

The rumor is that you are canvassing New York City for the month of October. As we approach the one year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, there remain a number of victims who are still severely impacted by this disaster. If you are willing to use your art to raise awareness for those still affected by Sandy, then I will gladly join you in supporting those still struggling by donating $100,000 to a relevant charity.


Nelson Saiers

This offer is conditioned on your performance falling with the law and respect of personal property rights. We are happy to assist in the identification and provision of a canvas.

Saiers tells Runnin’ Scared that he is taking advantage of Banksy’s current media moment to bring attention back to the Sandy recovery effort.

“The hurricane relief effort has waned. [People] are still hurting,” says Saiers.

But when asked why he stipulated that Banksy cannot break the law in the course of his “performance,” Saiers declined to comment, saying that he was unfamiliar with Banksy’s philosophy.

“I don’t know the guy, so I can’t speak to that,” he adds.

And even if Banksy doesn’t take up the offer, Saiers says that there are still plenty of “available options”–he still wants to help out in whatever way he can.

So whaddya say, Banksy? Wanna help Saiers relieve himself of that $100,000 burning a hole in his pocket?

Click through for a copy of the original letter.


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