Colt Cabana’s 15 Favorite Songs About Wrestling


Independent wresting icon Colt Cabana has had quite the year. Outside of the unfortunate hurdle of almost losing his finger (which lead #SaveColtsFinger to trend worldwide) he’s continued to be a force in the worlds of wrestling, comedy and podcasting. As wrestling’s unofficial pop culture ambassador, he returns to Brooklyn this Saturday night, October 12th, to face Ted Dibiase Jr. in his first match after leaving the WWE for FWE’s Openweight Grand Prix (8 p.m., St. Patrick’s Gym, 9511 4th Ave.) as well as a comedy performance on November 21st as part of the Insane Clown Posse affiliate Kevin Gill’s Rocks Off Pro Wrestling Film Festival with New York comedians Mike Lawrence and Chris Gethard.

Colt’s impact on social media entertainment has been seen in both his Worst Promo Ever comedy shorts and his weekly The Art of Wrestling podcast, and the latter features a song of the week. Colt compiled 15 of his all time favorite tribute songs to professional wrestlers for us and shared his thoughts.

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The Secretion
“Viva La Lucha Libre”

Danny Secretion reached out early to me when I had my Podcast after I had found it. They’re just huge wrestling fans and it’s a fun punk rock catchy song.

Peelander Z
“Terry Punk”

They live in New York by way of Japan, and they’re also huge wrestling supporters. They’re friends with my friend M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross and these guys are just crazy. I’m very upset that I’ve never seen one of their live shows. I think “Terry Punk” is a tribute to Terry Funk who is almost a wrestling god in Japan, and they’re sort of gimmicky as a wrestling band with different outfits and different colors. They’re fun to watch.

Michael Baldwin
“The Wrestling Queen”

This is the theme song for The Wrestling Queen movie, and Baldwin wrote it specifically as a 70s folk song for the movie. It’s really beautiful. I had it when I had Sara Del Ray on the Podcast. She was my first woman guest and I was looking for a woman’s wrestling song. It makes me so happy when I find a great song that I’m really proud of. It’s an obscure movie that was originally supposed to be about the Vachon family. It’s such a great soft, quiet folk song. 30-40 years later, it’s almost better when you find this kind of song, especially since music is done so differently now.

Danny Michel
“The 14 Masks of Danger”

I don’t know much about these guys, but I found a live performance on YouTube and I’m always a sucker for a good lucha mask. It’s got a reggae beat and a reggae flow to it. The guy’s got a wonderful voice and you can see the people get into it as he sings it.

“Captain Lou Albano”

If you’re a wrestling fan, you probably have heard of this. It’s one of the more famous ones. NRBQ is a pretty well known band and on one of the live performances Captain Lou is out there singing with them. Just hearing it, it makes you think of Captain Lou and those Hawaiian shirts and rubberbands.

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Lightning Beat Man & The Never Heard of Em’s
“Apartment Wrestling Rock n Roll Girl”

It’s a real fun kind of scratchy song. It’s more the vintageness of it nowadays. A lot of these are early punk rock songs, and you can feel the era of when it went down just by listening to it. Apartment wrestling was a whole genre in itself. I remember as a kid reading wrestling magazines and in the back there being this random ad for apartment wrestling with girls wrestling each other. That was a niche and something people did to make a living, and this song sums up his love for one of those girls.

Pink Cloud
“Itch Ban”

I think when I was going to Japan, somebody sent me a couple of Japanese songs and this one stuck out. I assume this was done in reference to [Hulk Hogan]’s Japanese wrestling when he was over in New Japan in the early 80s. It’s got the synthesizers kicking and the mixture of the Japanese and English music styles makes for a real fun song. There’s a lot of songs about Hulk Hogan, and this is the best one you’ve never heard of.

“Bob Sapp Time”
This is the only one where some of the singing is not that good. When Bob Sapp sings, it’s not the best musical performance of all time. But everything surrounding Bob Sapp is just amazing. Bob Sapp at the time was becoming a huge wrestling star in Japan and was the equivalent of a Hulk Hogan. The Japanese band behind him makes it so catchy, when Sapp enters, you just can’t help but appreciate it. I have no clue what the Japanese guy is singing about, but it’s very catchy.

The Nick Atoms
“El Santo: The Silver Masked Avenger”

I don’t know much about The Nick Atoms. They’re really good musicians and the song’s really fun. It tells a story too.

MJ Hibbett & The Validators
“The Saturday Lunchtime Wrestlers”

This is about my favorite era of wrestling, 70s and 80s British wrestling. A fun easy to listen to song that talks about some of the greats in England when wrestling was the hottest it ever was and it would come on Saturdays at 4:00. They talk about the greats of British wrestling past like Haystacks and Big Daddy, it’s a great song.


The Lords
“The Killer (Tim Brooks)

I think these guys are a Cleveland band, and this is a nice tribute to Tim Brooks. I always like wrestling songs that are attributed to certain people that aren’t “Stone Cold” Steve Austin or Hulk Hogan, just very obscure wrestlers. For a lot of diehard wrestling fans, “The Killer” Tim Brooks was awesome.

Night Birds
“Maimed for the masses”

Brooklyn’s very own. This is a great song about Mick Foley. These guys are still around and doing very well. It’s a fun song. Mick Foley inspired a lot of wrestlers and a lot of musicians too. The Night Birds tell a nice story about Mrs. Foley’s baby boy and how he hurt himself for everybody.

David Robert Bridge
“Mitsuharu Misawa”

David emailed this song to me before he released this album. I was giving it a listen as I went over for a tour of Japan and I thought it was a beautiful song. It’s very different from the other songs on here. Mitsuharu Misawa, who passed away in the ring wrestling was a hero to the Japanese wrestling fans and I think he made this a wonderful tribute song. I sent it to the company he worked for who I work for, Pro Wrestling NOAH, to send around the office.

Art Brut
“Unprofessional Wrestling”

When I did my comedy show in Scotland, I played a bunch of wrestling songs beforehand and I heard more than a handful of people discuss how they couldn’t get Art Brut’s “Unprofessional Wrestling” out of their heads after my show so that speaks volumes for him and this song. It’s another British song from England, and it’s a great tribute to wrestling.

Doug Boykin
“Best Gordon Solie Tribute”

Fans sent this one to me, I’d never heard it or seen it. [Commentator] Gordon Solie is one of those unsung heroes of professional wrestling. It’s a nice slow wonderful song. You get the idea of a guy playing guitar sitting on a stoop and just talking about his memories of Gordon Solie. Sometimes as fans we just sit around and talk about what we love about wrestling, and this guy’s talking about his favorite announcer.

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