Teen Chef Greg Grossman Finds Glass in a Dish; Joe Dobias Takes Him to Task


This past Saturday, culinary Justin Bieber and 27 Desbrosses chef Greg Grossman took to Facebook to relay a message of disbelief about an injury incurred at a Chinese restaurant.

Seems Grossman bit into a spoonful of hotpot and wound up biting down on a piece of glass, slicing a ligament in the back of his mouth. Wounded, he pondered, “have simple precautions like washing service-ware and cleaning surfaces before opening fallen to the wayside?!?”

The quandary sparked the ire of outspoken newlywed chef Joe Dobias of Joe Dough and Joe & Misses Doe. Dobias took a hard line with several people who recommended lawyering up, saying, “all the idiots writing lawsuit should die. Greg, I hear you are opening a place? here is some real shit for you. This happens. a lot…You can’t help mistakes.”

The man’s not wrong. It’s horrible when something like this happens, but as long as people cook our food, human error will be a factor. Even robots occasionally screw up, they’re just better at hiding it. Plus, for the time being anyway, you can’t sue a robot out of house and home. The larger takeaway from Dobias’s argument, however, was that the chef felt the incident should have been handled privately and directly.

Grossman didn’t name the restaurant, but wrote that the incident occurred “at the soft opening [of] a new Chinese restaurant that has gotten a fair amount of press lately.” When Dobias attempted to fill in the dots, Grossman replied, “Yes I very clearly understand that this can happen…also, it is not red farm.”

Most of us who eat out regularly have found something strange in a dish before–what’s the weirdest thing you’ve stumbled upon while eating in a restaurant? Tell us your story in the comments.

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