Banksy’s Latest Is a Fiberglass Ronald McDonald in the South Bronx


Inaugurating the back half of Banksy’s month-long residency in New York is an all-city exhibition of a grotesque Ronald McDonald sculpture. Yes, really.

The fiberglass statue will travel the city for a week, stopping at a different McDonald’s restaurants every day at lunchtime. According to Banksy’s website, the piece will also be accompanied by a boy shining the statue’s shoes.

This is Banksy’s first bit in the Bronx. It’s also the first to be explicitly interactive, or at least contain some element of performance.

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The momentary departure from graffiti squares with Banksy’s interview in the Village Voice last week, in which he announced he has taken up sculpture since the 2010 release of his award-winning documentary Exit Through The Gift Shop.

Might this piece have something to do with McDonald’s’ recent implication in the debate over living wages for fast food workers? Maybe?

The location is unconfirmed, but we think we know where it is. Click through for more images and a map to its potential location.


839 Westchester Avenue, South Bronx.

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