Former Romney Intern Adam Savader Pleads Guilty to Cyberstalking One Woman, Won’t Face Trial For the Other 14


The pithed-looking fellows you see to your left are former vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan and Long Island native, former Romney/Ryan campaign intern, and super creepy dude Adam Savader. If Savader’s fixed gaze looks familiar, it’s because in late April, he was arrested and charged with cyberstalking and sexually extorting a number of female acquaintances. The AP reports that last week Savader pleaded guilty to stalking one woman. That leaves 14 more for which he will not face trial.

According to the complaint, Savader started with a woman he knew from high school in Great Neck, now a college student in Michigan, who is identified in court documents as M.K. He hacked into her AOL account and took nude pictures she’d kept there, ones she’d meant to send to a boyfriend but never did. Then he contacted her by text message using a Google Voice phone number and threatened to send them to her parents and others unless she gave him more photos. He also took the opportunity, the complaint says, to ask her “a series of personal questions relating to sexual preferences, positions, etc.”

The student immediately went to the police. She told them that starting in June, she was prompted to change her password every time she logged into AOL. In September, the text messages started. Savader called himself “John Smith” in the texts, and showed the victim a Facebook picture of her mother, to demonstrate that he knew her family.

Savader continued to harass the woman through November, demanding more nude photos and telling her that he was using the ones he already had to masturbate. On November 14, he directed her to a Photobucket account filled with her nude photos, although she’d never uploaded them there.

By then, though, Michigan detectives had gotten the billing information used to purchase the Google Voice numbers, and determined that they’d been purchased at the home of Mitchell Savader, Adam’s father. They also discovered that using the same Google Voice numbers, Savader had contacted a whopping 14 other women, all apparently people he knew from high school or from his time at George Washington University.

Savader told one woman he had nude photos of her mother, and texted that he would “ruin your mom’s life.” He told another that he’d send her nude photos to the Republican National Committee, her parents, and her sorority if he didn’t get more pictures. He texted another woman and her boyfriend relentlessly, contacting her up to 80 times a day between October 2012 and the end of the year.

When a fourth victim was reluctant to send photos, he wrote: “remember what’s at stake. do u want ur family and everyone in DC to see ur tits? Just agree to email me a pic of u in ur bra.” He threatened another woman that he’d spread her photos around “unless he accepted her as a Facebook friend,” per the complaint.

While Savader was maintaining his busy extracurricular schedule, he was also interning for both Newt Gingrich (where he occasionally dressed up as “Ellis the Elephant,” a character in Calista Gingrich’s children’s books) and for the Romney/Ryan campaign. He was also posing for Facebook photos with seemingly every Republican he could possibly get next to, although with Sarah Palin, he had to settle for just kind of looming up behind her:

“I am truly honored to have been the sole Vice Presidential Operations Intern at Romney For President!” he captioned one picture of himself and Mitt.

At some point in the midst of all the exuberant posing, Savader appears to have changed schools, from G.W. to SUNY Farmingdale, and moved back in with his parents. He was finally arrested on April 23 in Great Neck and held without bail; he was extradited to Michigan to face federal charges of cyberstalking and internet extortion.

According to the terms of his plea agreement, which we’ve posted below, Savader has pled guilty to stalking and extorting only the first victim, M.K. His harassment of 14 other women is listed in the document as “relevant conduct” (which seems apt, if a bit of an understatement). He faces between 24 and 30 months in prison, followed by supervised release of up to three years. He’ll also be fined $200, and may be asked to pay restitution. A date for his sentencing hearing has not yet been set.

Adam Savader Plea Agreement