Savory Delivers Thanksgiving for One


If you’re lucky, one of the few things you and your parents will be able to agree on is that the prospect of you traveling out of New York for Thanksgiving is too hectic, too expensive, and, simply put, not worth the hassle. If you have not established this understanding, our first suggestion for family activity time is home genetic testing, the better to verify the basis for such an arduous obligation.

Assuming you’ve successfully managed to stay put for Thanksgiving, why not make the most of it by ordering in?

While there’s an abundance of restaurants operating at full capacity during the entire Thanksgiving week, delivery is a welcome option. And Savory (212-757-6100), a two-year old delivery-only restaurant serving denizens of midtown, offers a plethora of Thanksgiving-themed specials.

Presented with the opportunity to consume a full Thanksgiving spread, we opted to make the most of it. Our order consisted of “the Cranberry Bird,” salad, green beans, “Not-Your-Grandmother’s Thanksgiving Stuffing,” and “the Gooeys” (i.e., brownies). After a 40-minute wait, our order arrived and the feast commenced.

“The Cranberry Bird” is a special, cranberry-glaze-topped version of Savory’s regular offering, “the Bird,” which is a roasted boneless chicken entrée. The rich yet firm and succulent white meat quarter was herbed with thyme, marjoram and parsley both under and atop the skin. The flesh cut cleanly with the provided transparent plastic knife.

The green beans were very crisp and thin and chewed with a satisfying snap. Mixed with delicately thin strands of translucent red onions and prepared with a light sauce, the beans provided a well-balanced, refreshing complement to the chicken. The salad, perhaps in a smirking nod to Thanksgiving tradition, did not make the trip.

Not-Your-Grandmother’s Thanksgiving Stuffing lived up to the moniker. Touted to include chickpeas, leeks, and kale, the stuffing had a consistency closer to a hearty soup than to a solid that could be consumed with a fork. It consisted mostly of firm chickpeas, with a mere smattering of nut-size breadcrumbs at the bottom of the container.

Of course, no Thanksgiving meal is complete without dessert, and “the Gooeys” — five to an order — were up to the task. Held in the hand, they’re delicate specimens: It felt as though the slightest amount of pressure would cause the brownie to disintegrate. That merely served to prompt expeditious consumption. The double-chocolate brownie virtually melted in the mouth, the near-molten chocolate core revealing rich, decadent flavor.

The Morning After: No competent reviewer could possibly write about a Thanksgiving meal without discussing leftovers, consumed cold. After a night in the refrigerator, “the Cranberry Bird” was firm and smooth with a tinge of sweetness ciourtesy of the remains of its smeared cranberry glaze, while the green beans still maintained a satisfying snap and in fact gained a bit of sting from the onions. The chickpeas in the stuffing remained firm as well, while the brownies gained a crustier texture despite maintaining their soft centers.

Repeatability: The team at Savory provides a satisfying experience at the elevated end of delivery. The price point is higher than what consumers may be accustomed to paying for delivery, but the emphasis on executing with high-quality ingredients is a compelling point in Savory’s favor.

Pertinent Metrics
Establishment: Savory
New York, NY 10024
(212) 757-6100
Hours/Limitations: $15 delivery minimum
Monday-Friday 5:30PM-10:00PM
Delivery Estimate: 25-40 minutes
Delivery Time: 39:28 minutes
Distance: 1.1 miles; 8 minutes
Ordered at 6:51PM, Clear
Time is measured from confirmation page to entry to the office lobby.
Distance and time estimate is based on biking via Google Maps.