Why The Disintegration Loops Is the Funniest Piece of Music Ever Recorded


For those of you that don’t know, The Disintegration Loops is a longform ambient work constructed by composer William Basinski. According to lore, Basinski was in the process of transferring decades-old tape loops to digital storage, but as that was happening, the tapes started to decay right before his eyes. The result is the haunting, soul-rending sound of music literally decomposing right before your ears. A few days later9/11 happened, and Basinski climbed up on his roof and listened to the tapes while watching the smoke and rubble float across Manhattan, he essentially managed to capture the death rattle of American innocence in one nugget of avant-garde starkness. It was regarded (obviously) as a Big Artistic Statement about a Very Important Thing that was Not At All Exploitative.

So it may come as a surprise to you that I think The Disintegration Loops is secretly one of the funniest pieces of music ever recorded. No, I’m not talking about any
haughty morbidity, I just think that when paired with certain YouTube videos, all of a sudden the depressing vibes are replaced with something a little bit hilarious. I know you don’t believe me, so let me prove it to you.

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If you watch this closely you can actually see parts of Paula Deen’s face crack open and dribble down her cheeks.

This meme is far overdue for a revival, and honestly with this music playing, it’s a lot easier to see why this guy is so freaked out.

This is actually going to be in MoMA next week.

If you told me that The Disintegration Loops was actually composed of the jilted masculinity of all fedora-wearers condensed into a single, sad throb of music, I’d probably believe you.

I could actually see this making me cry on certain days.

Like I said, the death rattle of American innocence.

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