GMO No: Return to Nuke ‘Em High Volume 1


The original Class of Nuke ‘Em High mixed fears of nuclear power into a pungent broth of New Wave teenage rebellion and gross-out FX.

The latest sequel stirs in anxiety over GMO foods, as the old power plant has been replaced with a shady food distributor called TromOrganic. One tainted Taco Tuesday later, and a group of put-upon high school outcasts (an unfunny parody of Glee) have mutated into a terrorizing gang of Cretins, just like in the old days.

Meanwhile Lauren (Catherine Corcoran), the new girl at school, is beginning a secret relationship with classmate Chrissy (Asta Paredes), an anti-TromOrganic blogger, while she looks for her missing pet duck. (The ramshackle plot never concludes, either, pausing till Volume 2.)

Despite opening with a masterful recap of the previous movies, this sequel comes off as both sillier and crueler than the original, mixing sight gags and labored puns with a vicious assault on a sex-ed teacher, and, well, “duck rape.”

Some clever ideas — the new Cretins harmonize, setting their atrocities to barbershop quartet numbers — don’t negate the tired, exploitative nature of most of the action. Still, if you like tits and slime and giant papier-mâché dongs, jackpot.