Read the First Five Pages of This Terrible Bon Jovi Comic Book


Here’s a sentence we never expected to write: After the success of their Kurt Cobain and Freddie Mercury comic books, Bluewater Productions is releasing a third book in their “Rock Music Month” series, this one for New Jersey’s second favorite son, Jon Bon Jovi.

It’s out today. It’s terrible. Let’s dig in!

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What’s it about, you ask? Ummm. We’re still not sure. Here’s the actual description from the press release, which reads like it’s been run through Google Translate no less than five times:

Written and drawn by Jayfri Hashim, the story of Bon Jovi retold in this comic book. This story of New Jersey’s favorite musicians Bon Jovi, who survived three decades of trials and tribulation. Bluewater goes back to the early years of the band and how frontman Jon Bon Jovi gets a record deal and kept the band going for decades. The classic rags to riches story, what kept the band going strong and will it be the end of the crossroad?

The comic, the first five pages of which are on the next page, reads the same way. It’s tremendously awful.

Fame Bon Jovi can be purchased via iTunes. And you can order all the comics in the Fame series (including one on Tyler Perry!) at Comic Flea Market.

David Bowie and George Harrison are on tap next. Read the first five pages below.

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