Have a Taste of Harlem Public


The Veggielante is on a mission to spread the word about places to order good, meatless grub. Check out this week’s pick.

Destination: Harlem Public (3612 Broadway, 212-939-9404)

Neighborhood: Hamilton Heights, Harlem

Cuisine: New American

Overview: Chad Vigneulle, Lauren Lynch, and Jay Janawsky opened Harlem Public in 2012, staking claim on an address in West Harlem’s Hamilton Heights neighborhood. It is a unique and vibrant addition to the area; its dark, vintage-feeling interior opens up into outdoor seating, with wooden booths and shared tables. This is the type of place that serves its cocktails in mason jars, its water in old liquor bottles, and its food with what seems like little thought for presentation.

Highlights: Options include Harlem Public’s avocado fries ($8.95), which are fried in panko, a thin, wispy layer of Japanese-style breadcrumbs, which encases the soft, creamy, and ripe avocado within. You might also opt for a grilled cheese ($8.95), which includes cheddar, brie, and jalapeño jack on sourdough. The loaded version ($11.95) includes bacon, guacamole, and Doritos. It’s worth pursuing, but hold the bacon, of course.

Editor’s note: Owing to a misunderstanding between our writer and her server, she wrote favorably about a dish that is not vegetarian. We’ve struck that dish — the poutine — from the story. We’ve also updated the names of the owners, which were incorrect in an earlier iteration of this post.