Increase in Shootings in the Bronx, Brooklyn North, and Queens South This Year


Summer is here. Memorial Day has passed and on June’s first weekend, thirteen people were shot over a nine hour stretch spanning Saturday night and Sunday morning. The number of shootings traditionally rises with the heat. More folks outside for more hours. More rubbing shoulders and more getting on nerves.

This is never good news, but it is especially worrisome for those who live in areas where the number of shootings has already risen.

In the Queens South Patrol Borough, there were 50 shooting victims through May 25th, seven more than the same time last year, according to NYPD statistics. In the Bronx, there were 131 shooting victims over that stretch, up from 103 last year. And in the Brooklyn North Patrol Bureau, there were 124 victims, up from 103.

Each of these areas experienced a sharp jump in shootings in the weeks leading up to Memorial Day.

Over a four week stretch from late April to late May, there were 15 shooting victims in Queens South, up from seven last year; In Brooklyn North there were 35 victims, up from 18; and in the Bronx there were 38, up from 23.

The increased shootings, though, are concentrated in a few neighborhoods.

The 103rd and 113th precincts in Queens South, which cover Jamaica and South Jamaica, had a total of 17 shooting victims through May 25, 2013. Through that point this year, 30 people were shot there.

In Brooklyn North, the 73rd, in Brownsville, and the 75th, in East New York, had 60 shooting victims over that time span this year, versus 39 last year.

And in the Bronx, the number of shootings through Memorial Day weekend in the 47th precinct, the northern most area that includes Woodlawn and Wakefield, jumped from 11 last year to 25 this year. That precinct has also had the sharpest rise in murder rate over that stretch: from one last year to nine this year.

That’s a total of 48 more shooting victims in those five precincts this year, which exceeded the city’s overall increase of 40.

The news wasn’t all bad across those three patrol boroughs. In Queens South and Brooklyn North the increase in shootings did translated to a increase in murders. In Queens South, the murder rate was the same this year as last year. In Brooklyn North, there were nine fewer murders this year.

In all, there were 16 fewer murders across the city through Memorial Day weekend.

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