New York

Giant Peach


You’ve gotta love how New York’s Giant Peach attack their guitars, as though they’re electrified whisks blurring the egg yolks of creation. It helps, of course, that co-vocalists/guitarists Mike Naideau and Fran Chang have hooks for days and neither over- nor under-sell them, and that drummer Davey Shotwell is so innately responsive to their impulses. Compounding the fact that Giant Peach are yet another in a long line of modern bands that would have set the zine circuit ablaze during the Clinton years, Chang’s strident quaver is a dead ringer for that of Cinder Block, front woman for the invigorating, now-forgotten punk band Tilt. The coincidence seems, sadly, instructive.

Sun., Aug. 10, 8 p.m., 2014

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