Soft Spot Owner Brings Kilo Bravo, a New Neighborhood Bar, to Williamsburg


When Kate Buenaflor opened Soft Spot in Williamsburg nine years ago, it became a neighborhood bar to a very different kind of neighborhood. “There wasn’t a whole lot of things going on,” she says. “I shopped at a bodega. Having a bar here back then was so much fun — there wasn’t anyone here. Soft Spot is a reliable, friendly, neihborhood spot. Our early customers were regulars because there was nowhere else to go.”

Since then, she says, she’s enjoyed watching the neighborhood change exponentially. Now, she’s getting ready to open Kilo Bravo (180 North 10th Street, Brooklyn), a new neighborhood bar, with business partner and friend Richard DeVore, and she hopes it will serve the needs of current Williamsburg denizens.

After she looked at real estate in Bushwick, Greenpoint, and on the south side of Brooklyn, Buenaflor ultimately settled on an address that’s just half a block from Soft Spot, but at Kilo Bravo, she’s shooting for something a little different. “You have to play northside ball,” she says. “It’s American soul and a little rock and roll. I wanted to provide the neighbors with what they want and I want. Soft Spot’s the girl you take home to your parents; Kilo Bravo is girl you made out with under the bleachers. It’s a little edgier.”

Beers here will be domestic, with selections that range from Budweiser to Brooklyn, Sixpoint, Coney Island, and Victory. “We’ll try to stay tri-state at first,” says Buenaflor, though she acknowledges an interest in west coast beers, which will likely also make their way on tap. She’s also installed wine on tap, and she’ll pour four at a time — one white, one red, one pink, and one bubbly. Those selections will rotate seasonally.

The simple menu features five types of slow-cooked pulled beef sandwiches, and five types of grilled cheese sandwiches, and the kitchen will encourage substitutions. Buenaflor’s team is making everything in-house, and they’re bringing bread in from Northside Bakery, located just down the street.

Kilo Bravo will also feature touches of Buenaflor’s signature whimsy, like drinks served in frosty mugs with straws that change color as you drink out of them. “I like things that are fun,” she says. “I like offering things that make adults laugh.”

And as with Soft Spot, the owners is focused on being “service-friendly, neighborhood-friendly, delicious, and honest.” In doing so, she hopes to create a place that’ll attract girls in heels and fake eyelashes interested in sipping cocktails as well as football fans looking for a spot to watch a game over beers.

Kilo Bravo’s grand opening is set for September 4.