Father/Son NYC Grindcore Band Vomit Fist’s New Video Is 48 Seconds of Blood and Puke


Some teens spend their last year of high school succumbing to senioritis, but New York drummer Leo “Lurkrot” Didkovsky started a grindcore band — with his dad. Behold the bloody fruits of Vomit Fist in “Under the Rind,” the new (48-second!) music video by this multigenerational trio.

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Lest you mistake Vomit Fist for the Partridge Family, know that guitarist Nick Didkovsky is a composer whose prog/metal/jazz group Doctor Nerve have been a fixture of New York experimental music for 30 years. As an adjunct professor at NYU, he’s mentored young musicians like Colin Marston (Krallice, Gorguts) and Sean Lennon (as in, son of John and Yoko). So it seems inevitable that his 17-year-old son, Leo, would turn out to be a drum prodigy of metal proportions.

Vocalist Malcolm Hoyt, a/k/a Skrag the Screecher, became fast friends with Leo after they met in the lunchroom at LaGuardia High School. Now a freshman in the drama program at The New School, he is a hyperactive tornado of a frontman. (The younger Didkovsky is in his first year at SUNY New Paltz.)

The band recorded their debut EP Forgive but Avenge at Spin Studios in Queens. They will perform at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre on East 3rd Street on October 10. Enjoy their new video above.

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