Introducing Retch, the Polo-Obsessed Rapper Co-Signed By Action Bronson


Earlier this week, the rapper Retch dropped a fresh flick to accompany his new “Ademei Porcelana” track. With production handled by FLEXXX GOD, the song resonates with an eerie charm as Retch drops taut street-wrought rhymes that nod to the zone that Roc Marciano and KA represent so evocatively. With “Ademei Porcelana” acting as a strong statement of intent for his upcoming Finesse The World album, here’s your primer on Retch.

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The “Ademei Porcelana” vibe…
The concept behind “Ademei Porcelana” is just the music expressing how I felt at the moment. I’ve got the Finesse The World [album] project coming up that I’m working on right now. The new song and video is gonna be included on that. The vibe of the album is gonna be pretty much that song right there, exposing that dark underworld. I don’t wanna give out too many expectations, but that joint is like how it’ll be. If you fuck with the lifestyle, fuck with it.

The chocolate link…
Ademei Porcelana is like the world’s most expensive chocolate. The word doesn’t really relate to the song that much — that’s just how I name my songs, you know — but that’s what it stems from. How does Ademei Porcelana chocolate taste? Shit, like any other chocolate.

The Hackensack to Canarsie connection…
My step-father lived out in Canarsie but I was born and raised in New Jersey. I’d spend time out in Canarsie — that shit was cool, you know what I mean? — but most of my time was spent in Hackensack. That’s where my experiences come from.

The genesis…
I started rapping in around seventh grade. The name Retch was already my name on the block — outside of the rap game everybody called me that.

The Polo obsession…
That Polo Sporting Goods mixtape is my last project that I dropped. That was produced entirely by Thelonious Martin and you’ve got Action Bronson, Sulaiman and Ab-Soul on there, plus Da$h. What’s my obsession with Polo like? Oh, shit, that’s all I got, you know what I’m saying? I got on some real crispy Polo jeans right now, Polo socks, all the Polo joints! That’s what we do on this side; it’s the lifestyle on this side.

The Action Bronson co-sign…
That was pretty organic when we worked together on “Flip Ya.” The first time I met Action was at Alchemist’s crib. Everything is pretty organic for me — we were in the same spots at the same time so we decided to fuck with each other. I got a lot of love for that man. Of course we’ll collaborate in the future.

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