We Spoke to Cops About the Shooting Outside Freddie Gibbs’s Rough Trade Show


Update, Tuesday, November 4, 2014: A spokesman for Rough Trade reached out after publication to offer this statement on behalf of the venue: “Last night, an incident occurred across the street from Rough Trade approximately 30 minutes after a performance with Freddie Gibbs ended. As the safety of our audiences, artists and neighbors is always our first priority, we are fully cooperating with the police and have shared video footage of the street to aid in the investigation.” He declined to offer any insight into whether or not the venue will use metal detectors in the future, or whether the incident would impact their decision to book acts like Gibbs, though. He did say that concerts would go on as scheduled at Rough Trade.

Shots rang out early Tuesday morning around 1 a.m. in front of Williamsburg’s Rough Trade, shots that appear to have been meant for rapper Freddie Gibbs, who had just wrapped up a show at the Brooklyn record store and venue.

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Still Livin.

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“It looks like two unknown males started firing shots at the passenger of a vehicle,” says NYPD Officer Sophia Mason. Three men were sitting in a black GMC — “one stepped out, that’s when the shooting began.”

A bullet grazed the first victim’s right hand; the 33-year-old was taken to Woodhall Hospital. The second victim, 29, was hit in the thigh and transported to Bellevue Hospital, according to police. Both victims were part of Gibbs’s entourage.

“A third victim,” Mason says, “was uninjured — they just fired shots toward him.” That third victim was Gibbs. When the New York Post caught up with the rapper outside the venue after the shooting, he reportedly said: “They tried to kill Tupac. They tried to kill me.”

According to the Post‘s report, the shooter spent the entire show hanging around Gibbs’s entourage, and even spent time in the green room before the show, but Gibbs didn’t recognize him.

“He was stalking you guys. We can tell on camera, he wanted it to look like he knew you, but it’s clear he didn’t. When you guys left, he was waiting for you outside,” a Post reporter heard an investigator tell Gibbs after viewing the security footage.

The NYPD only had the most basic description available for the two shooters — both black, male, about six feet tall, in their mid-twenties. Both fled down North 9th Street on foot.

Gibbs posted the pair of pictures above and below to Instagram shortly after, both with the caption “Still Livin.”

A British gentleman who answered the phone at Rough Trade on Tuesday morning declined to comment on the shooting and whether or not it would affect decisions to host artists like Gibbs at Rough Trade in the future. As the Post noted, the venue does not have metal detectors, nor does it check patrons for weapons.

Yep. Still Livin. Thanks NYC.

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