Pete Carroll Needs a Beer — Throw That Man a Beast Mode


We’ve spent nearly half a year dedicating weekly beers to the folks who need or deserve them most, and we might have finally run into a near-perfect match. Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll, you did not start your week off in sterling fashion. Far from it. In one of the most head-scratching play calls in sports history, you elected to have your agile scrambler of a quarterback pass the ball — from the one yard line, on SECOND DOWN. The numbing stupidity of the move was compounded by the fact that sitting idle in your backfield was the league’s top-scoring running back. Enough. You know the rest. But what you might not know is that Brooklyn’s Sixpoint Brewery released an American porter in December named Beast Mode. Mr. Carroll, you cannot change the past, but you surely should be reminded of it for the remainder of your future. This Beast Mode’s for you.

Full of surprises, much like Carroll’s playbook, Beast Mode has an oddly light body for a porter. It pours a reddish brown, delivering only a slight caramelized toast, which is quickly scattered by an unexpected surge of pine cone–like hops — almost enough to wash away the sorrow that Seattle is still sorting out. Kidding! You’d need something a lot stronger than 6.4 percent ABV to heal those wounds.

On a much brighter note, the brewery is currently encouraging fans to snap photos of the beer alongside their own beasts (cats or dogs work best) and upload them to social media for a chance to win an unspecified bundle of swag. Bonus points to the first person to involve Marshawn Lynch.

Between last Sunday’s game, and the city’s biggest craft brewery being acquired by a company that apparently hates craft beer, Seattle isn’t having a particularly good week. But as they say, “The sun will come out tomorrow.” Errr. Wait.

OK, I’m dedicating this beer to the entire Emerald City. A high-quality porter and an epic Super Bowl loss is still better than rooting for the Knicks. They’ve been throwing proverbial picks from the one yard line since the Nineties.

Beast Mode is available throughout the city in six-pack cans and is currently on tap at Alewife in Long Island City. Goes great with Skittles.