Octopus Sex and Foreskin-Drama Aren’t Enough to Make Italian Sex Comedy ‘Short Skin’ Worth Your Eye-Time


This mild teen dramedy seems at first to be a low-amp Italian take on sex-obsessed American Pie–ism, but reveals itself to be perhaps the only film ever made addressing the dilemma of having too tight a foreskin.

Phimosis, the condition’s called, and surgery is what’s required, something the sulky, mortified Edoardo (Matteo Creatini) doesn’t want to consider, despite the fact that hard-ons hurt and sex would be close to impossible. Meanwhile, this “sensitive,” skin-and-bones teenage mega-dork is surrounded by gorgeous girls (including a very helpful housecalling hooker) looking to yank his unlikely pants down, even as his family is strangely obsessed with getting their lazy dog mated.

This is also the only time you’re likely to see a teenager buy and then literally fuck a dead octopus — maybe they laughed in Pisa. (His family eats it afterwards, of course, but don’t worry, he had a condom on.)

However brightened by some fast dick-and-pussy banter and lovely Tuscan scenery, the film’s slow boil makes it fairly unconvincing, and Creatini is one of modern European movies’ least palatable, and least animated, protagonists. Of all the Euro films to find screentime in New York.

Short Skin

Directed by Duccio Chiarini

Breaking Glass

Opens October 9, Cinema Village

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on October 6, 2015

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