LES Favorite Black Tree Brings More Seasonal Farm-to-Table to Brooklyn


Fans of Black Tree (131 Orchard Street; 212-533-4684), the LES fiercely seasonal, local, urban American-centric farm-to -able joint, rejoice. More tables are opening up. In Williamsburg (261 Metropolitan Avenue), obviously.

“It’s a more spacious location in a new market that still has that downtown feel,” chef and co-owner Sandy Dee Hall tells the Voice. “We’ll be adding a chef’s table and tasting menu, (18 small courses, with space for 8 – 15 people overlooking the open kitchen), which is going to be a ton of fun for me! Expect the unexpected.”

Famed for its one-animal-at-a-time approach – last week the menu focused on duck, crispy duck wings, pulled duck tacos, duck fried freekeh – and excellent sandwiches, the new location will continue to draw inspiration from ingredients rather than one particular type or region of cuisine.

“Everything will be new on a weekly basis,” says Hall. “The menu is entirely centered on what’s available from local farms.” That local approach extends to the barrel-aged cocktails, sourced from Brooklyn’s burgeoning spirits scene, and even the furniture, sourced by Brooklyn Reclamation.

“Our goal has always been to offer diners a farm-to-table experience that is seasonal, fresh, and well-executed yet affordable,” says Hall. “We want dining to be accessible so everyone can come and enjoy eating. That’s what we’re continuing to do here.”