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Best Cocktail Bar


Hotel Delmano gives off the impression of having been abandoned — the front door, fastened shut with a heavy silver padlock, is blocked by an elevator gate complete with wayward plants jutting out of it. Large light bulbs peer out the windows like sentinels. Go around the corner, though, and you’ll see a row of small round tables full of people eating oysters and raising glasses under striped awnings. Once inside, the bright peach wallpaper, fading portraits in oval frames, and antique absinthe dispensers make you feel like you’ve walked into an art nouveau poster. It’s no surprise that couples and wedding parties flock to Hotel Delmano (which isn’t really a hotel) — the atmosphere is pretty seductive. The cocktails, which change seasonally, include a must-have “Ninety-Nine Roses,” a well-shaken gin concoction with orchard pear and rose water and just the right amount of sour, thanks to ginger and lemon. This is the place to sample spirits and syrups you may not have come across before, like Batavia arrack, Sapins 55, honeydew-infused ouzo, and lemongrass gomme syrup (made from gum arabic). Expect smokier, darker cocktails in the winter, with poetic names like “Cloud Walker.” 82 Berry Street, Brooklyn 11211, 718-387-1945,