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Best Dive Bar (Manhattan)


Amid all the Irish pubs and fancy restaurants that currently dominate glittery midtown Manhattan, Jimmy’s Corner stands as an oasis of a bygone New York City: an honest-to-God dive bar that makes no attempt to hide its griminess — cramped quarters, wooden bar and all. It also exudes fascinating personal touches that distinguish this dive from the rest: most notably, the photos and posters of pugilists lining the walls, all reflecting bar owner Jimmy Glenn’s past as a legendary professional boxing trainer. If anything, such memorabilia only enhances the gritty feel of this establishment, as does its no-frills selection of reasonably priced beers on tap and its jukebox full of retro soul tunes. To see suited businessmen in such a proudly low-down establishment is to experience a cognitive dissonance like nowhere else. 140 West 44th Street, Manhattan 10036, 212-221-9510

Readers’ Choice: The Library

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on October 13, 2015

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