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Best Sewing Machine Repair


If you’re new to sewing — heck, even if you’re old to sewing — consider the benefits of picking up a vintage all-metal sewing machine on eBay (Singer, Kenmore, and Elna are three reliable brands). Unlike newer, computerized machines, they’ll last forever as long as you keep them away from dampness and refrain from dropping them from an upper-story window. Once you’ve found your dream machine, where do you take it for a tune-up (which it will occasionally need) or repair (as necessary)? Hossein at Gizmo Notion Shop is your man. He recently got an early-1950s Singer purring softly — but powerfully! — like a tiger kitten. He works fast, and his prices are extremely reasonable, especially considering that people who know how to do these types of repairs are becoming perishingly rare here in our crazy, beloved city. Best of all, Hossein clearly loves what he does and will be happy to answer questions. If you’re a sewing-machine nerd, you’ll have found a kindred spirit. 160 First Avenue, Manhattan 10009, 212-477-2773,

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on October 13, 2015

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