On Sunday Nights, Bowery Meat Company Has a Damn Good Burger Deal


After a blase day, did you ever decide to treat yourself to an indulgent meal, like say, a $22 burger? When you bit in and the juice dripped down the side of your hands, did you feel, at the very least, as if a big fog had been lifted? Have you ever picked up a check only to discover the meal you planned to fork over $22 for was only $15?

That happened to us at Bowery Meat Company (9 East 1st Street; 212-460-5255) and it was one of those rare moments of absolute joy. Every Sunday the regularly priced $22 burger is featured for $15 on industry night.

We know, $15 for a ground meat patty sandwich isn’t exactly cheap. However, in this landscape of dry-aged, foie-gras topped creations, New Yorkers have become accustomed to laying out $25 to $30 — or more — for patties that used to top out at half those prices. We’re not saying a $15 burger is a steal — you can get one at Micky D’s for a couple bucks. We’re saying that this one, in particular, is worth rethinking your Sunday night plans. In addition to topping Zagat’s Manhattan Burger survey, Meat Company’s sandwich is frequently hailed as one of the best burgers in town.

Whether you order at the bar or in the lounge (but not the regular dining room), an industry burger order is treated just like any other menu item at this high-end steakhouse. Hors d’oeuvres are delivered first: a piece of house-baked bread, a slice of charcuterie, arancini. Then comes the pièce de résistance, chef Josh Capon’s dry-aged, blended beef patty is griddled to perfection, it has a nice crust, surrounding a juicy interior (be prepared to grease up that white napkin). It comes on a Royal Crown Bakery brioche bun with griddled onions, raclette cheese, and tomato aioli. A heaping bowl of fries and a selection of pickled vegetables from the Pickle Guys on Essex Street are served on the side.

And when you’re done, a sweet little petit four comes along with the discounted check.