After 135 Minutes, That Crowdfunded Twisted Sister Doc Still Hasn’t Gotten to the Songs You Know


Even if your disco-loving heart has nothing but disdain for Twisted Sister, you have to acknowledge their place in the history of loud music. In unabashedly epitomizing excess, they represented the high-water mark of hair metal, which, if nothing else, inspired the ripostes of grunge and alt-rock. (Whether you consider that a good thing, I leave to you.)

Too bad We Are Twisted Fucking Sister! embodies the band’s brashness in title only, soberly charting their groupie-chasing early days through their chased-by-groupies peak with the usual mix of archival footage and talking heads. Andrew Horn’s documentary also ends, somewhat curiously, just as frontman Dee Snider and the other principals finish recounting their ascent — their entire career post–Stay Hungry (read: “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” “I Wanna Rock,” and a stunned Tipper Gore) is relegated to a title card before the credits start rolling.

Crowdfunded in 2014, We Are Twisted Fucking Sister! comprehensively documents this origin story in a way that’s clearly geared toward diehards; calling a movie too long is among the least useful of all critical judgments, but you could almost listen to the band’s first five albums in the 135 minutes it takes to watch this cut-and-dried doc.

It’s all steak, no sizzle — the opposite of Twisted Sister.

We Are Twisted Fucking Sister!

Directed by Andrew Horn

Music Box Films

Opens February 19, Cinema Village