NYPD Officer Shoots Suspected Burglar in Groin, Nearby Woman Suffers ‘Cable’ Head Wound


The NYPD says that a police officer shot a 38-year-old suspect in Queens this afternoon, after officers interrupted what they characterized as a burglary in progress.

According to the NYPD’s press office, a resident of 66th Street was monitoring a surveillance camera on her cell phone when she saw an intruder. The Daily News, citing police sources, said the woman was watching the alleged burglar on a live feed as he “walk[ed] through her child’s bedroom.”

The resident called 911, and police said that the alleged burglar was still in the home when cops arrived. During a “struggle” with the alleged burglar, an officer fired one round, striking the man in the groin. (The News, citing police sources, reported that he’d been shot in the “testicles.”) After a foot chase, the suspect, who was not named, was arrested in a yard about a block away. He was taken to Booth Memorial Hospital where he’s listed in stable condition.

The News initially reported that a woman on scene had been shot in the head, but the her injury seems both less serious than that, and far more strange. Cops say the 36-year-old woman was found about three quarters of a block away, lying in a driveway with a head wound. “After a brief procedure,” the department tweeted, “a piece of cable wire was removed from under her scalp.”

The NYPD said they still aren’t sure if the injury is connected to the burglary, or how serious it might be. We’ll update if and when the department provides us with some clarity.