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Best Bar for Embracing Your Bad Day


There are some bars where everybody knows your name. Fort Greene’s Alibi is not one of them. It has friendly bouncers and plenty of regulars, but the stony-faced bartender isn’t going to warm to you too quickly. Alibi’s entrance signage boasts cheap drink specials and not much else. No one comes here for the Christmas-lights décor or duct-taped barstools. Alibi attracts primarily older guys in the neighborhood, who gather in the front room to play pool or watch a game on a single screen at the end of the bar. Retreat to the back room to play Big Buck Hunter III, or grab a smoke in the modest backyard. It’s not one of the adult-amusement-park bars you’ll find in Williamsburg, and sometimes that’s exactly what you need. Alibi’s charm is the comfort of an older New York, keeping this neighborhood classic in business as the rest of Brooklyn gives way to developers. 

242 Dekalb Avenue, Brooklyn