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Best Bar to Feel Hated In


Skaters are dickheads, and New Yorkers are dickheads, which is why New York skaters have rightfully maintained their stature as the city’s most revered sect. Thank them for making it stylish to sweat through your T-shirt by dusk, for making Tompkins Square Park and that Division/Canal Street plaza feel like hubs of culture, and for entertaining all the Australian transplants. But don’t expect them to return much gratitude if you pop up at the latest incarnation of Max Fish, the legendary Lower East Side bar and skate haunt that reopened on Orchard Street two years ago. The cheap Tecates, pool table, and vintage relics are worth the trip, but the locals at this spot work hard through sweltering days spent rolling their ankles and dodging rent-a-guards, so they will reserve the right to vibe you out if they so please. But if you head over while the sun’s up and the skate sessions are still rolling, you’ll have the place all to yourself. 

120 Orchard Street, Manhattan