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Best Bar You Can’t Get To


People who own boats are different from you and me. They talk about things like barnacles on their hulls, outboard motor repairs, and dock fees. You can hear lots of chatter about these and other seafaring-related topics at Tamaqua (think “tame waters”), a bar connected to Tamaqua Marina in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Gerritsen Beach. The huge space has oodles of nautical bric-a-brac on the walls: fishing photos, yachting trophies, assorted taxidermied sea creatures (including a hammerhead shark), and an entire scull. If you want to stretch your legs, take a stroll out on the adjoining dock and see the various boats tied up there. The maritime theme notwithstanding, Tamaqua is also a great bar, with cheap drinks, two pool tables, interesting regulars, and, most days, a very classy lady named Pat behind the bar. And since Gerritsen Beach is inaccessible by subway, Tamaqua is also that rarest of New York holy grails: the undiscovered tavern. It’s likely to stay that way, in spite of this write-up, because almost nobody from any other part of the city is willing to schlep all the way out there. You probably won’t either. 

84 Ebony Court, Brooklyn