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Best Bike-People-Watching Soundtracked by Live Jazz


French-Moroccan Antibes Bistro’s best quality is a quirk of its location: the last block of Suffolk Street before the Williamsburg Bridge, a major bike-lane artery. Anytime the weather isn’t totally dreadful, dining in the open-air street-level atrium offers a view of an endless parade of cyclists on their way to Brooklyn, each rider a snapshot of a particular kind of New Yorker: parents ferrying kids home, delivery people balancing white plastic bags on their handlebars, svelte models on Dutch bikes, and messengers on fancy fixed-gears whizzing past them all. You get to bask in the motion of the city but are spared the honking and exhaust that plague sidewalk diners a few blocks away on First or Second avenues. Convince the server to prop the door open to add a nice soundtrack — the indoor main room hosts small jazz bands Monday through Wednesday nights. Oh, and the food is great, too. Zoë Beery

112 Suffolk Street, Manhattan