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Best Cheap Cocktail Bar for Booze Nerds


New Yorkers are so used to shelling out $12 and up for a quality cocktail that most people glancing at Yours Sincerely’s menu for the first time will likely do a double take — all but one of the drinks at this Bushwick establishment are $8 or less. That’s because all the cocktails at the bar, opened this year by the proprietors of lauded Wilson Avenue restaurant Dear Bushwick, are on tap. The nitrogen-powered taps send cocktail components straight to the cup, relieving bartenders of all that tedious shaking and mixing — and you of the cost of all that labor. Yours Sincerely’s cocktails are twists on classic drinks: The Pineapple Express is a light and refreshing take on a piña colada, while the Empirical Formula is a gin and (deliciously bitter homemade) tonic. There are more adventurous options as well, like the Chaos Theory cocktail shot, which includes Owney’s Rum infused with Jamaican jerk flavoring. Drinks are served in gimmicky chemistry beakers, but they’re good enough, and cheap enough, that it’s hard to care. 

41 Wilson Avenue, Brooklyn