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Best Comeback by a New York City Fashion Label


“Prints are personal, and prints hit a chord,” says Gaby Basora, the fashion designer behind the recently relaunched label Tucker. You could say that’s why the brand’s quiet comeback speaks volumes. Born from Basora’s love of vintage prints, Tucker has been a cult favorite among anti-minimalist trendsetters — for its mood-altering qualities as much as its statement-making wares — since it debuted a decade ago. In 2013, Basora scaled back business by shuttering her Soho boutique and selling to just a few select retailers, but thanks to a set of new partners and Basora’s boundless creative energy, fans can find a full collection mostly of silk prints in the form of beautifully draped dresses and blouses on the brand’s new e-commerce site. A brick-and-mortar store is part of the long-term trajectory too, Basora promises. “The world of Tucker prints and fabrics is a destination,” she says.