Best Of

Best Fusion of Dance, Theater, Old-Time Romance, and Video


Combining dance with video is all too often a recipe for disaster: Audiences are conditioned to watch the biggest, brightest thing in a visual field, and when that is a two-dimensional moving image, it leaves the dancers looking like pygmies in the dark. But Art Bridgman and Myrna Packer, who’ve been collaborating as dancers and choreographers since 1978 and who have recruited some superb technical help, found solutions to the aesthetic challenges involved, and over the past decade they’ve even transcended their own past optical traps. Their fabulous new wordless dramas, seen this summer at the Sheen Center and based on tableaux from Edward Hopper paintings, integrate video projections into the scenery and use them to bridge time, space, and passion, showing us past and present simultaneously. The pair’s calendar this fall includes dates in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and Denver; the coming year finds them in Dallas and Tulsa, but keep your eyes open and you’ll get to share their startling, time-based visual art.