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Best Hand-Pulled Noodles


In a neighborhood known for decades for its cannoli and ravioli, Bensonhurst’s restaurant landscape has undergone significant shifts as the area has attracted families relocating from Manhattan’s Chinatown and Brooklyn’s bustling Eighth Avenue strip. The standout among the newer spaces popping up next to pork stores is this compact spot opened in 2008, where two people may be hard-pressed to spend $20 (and, perhaps, have just as much trouble grabbing a seat, though turnover can be quick). It’ll be the best meal that little can buy in the neighborhood. A chef behind the counter slaps on the next batch of noodles as yours are prepped, piled in a light-but-rich broth, and topped with one or more of the usual proteins, beef, tripe, beef tendon, pork chop, or egg — or get them all, since that bowl is still just $8. The other half of the namesake is just as worth the trip: Toothsome dumplings come packed with pork, better fried than steamed, for that caramelized crunch on the bottom. Soups and sides are made all the better by the tableside vinegars, chiles, and oils. 

7201 18th Avenue, Brooklyn