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Best Midnight Brunch


Taking breakfast-for-dinner to the extreme, convivial watering hole Boilermaker — beloved for its inexpensive, nostalgic drinks — gives brunch an “after dark” spin in the East Village. Served nightly from midnight until close, its version of the contentious weekend meal is highlighted by six types of pancakes ($8–$10), ranging from standard buttermilk batter served with maple syrup or butterscotch to a savory purple potato pancake decorated with squiggles of sour cream. You can even try pairing a stack with one of the venue’s signature beer-and-shot combos, like sipping the “Beer Eye on the Straight Rye” — a red rye ale with a chaser of six-year-old Sazerac rye — with American-German-inspired apple pancakes studded with fruit compote. The kitchen also uses the potato buns from its excellent burgers to make egg sandwiches slicked with truffle aioli, and mixes up a few brunch-themed cocktails, including a gin-spiked mimosa and bartender Don Lee’s legendary Benton’s Old Fashioned, which banks on bacon-infused Four Roses bourbon. 

13 First Avenue, Manhattan