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Best Old-School Shoe Repair


Born in Crete, septuagenarian Minas Polychronakis and his family have been repairing shoes in the financial district since the 1970s, first at the original World Trade Center and now a few blocks away on Wall Street. Though the shop struggled to rebound after 9-11, business is booming again, with bankers, businesspeople, and regular folk lining up to get their shoes shined, resoled, reheeled, or otherwise revitalized at competitive prices — and quickly. But it’s the care and pride with which Minas and his crew treat each pair of shoes, from expensive designer heels to years-old work boots (and other small leather goods), that have customers returning again and again, sometimes from other parts of the country. No job is too big or too small for Minas, and after this cobbler works his magic on your shoes, you’re never going to let anyone else handle them. He’s truly got that touch. 

63 Wall Street, Manhattan